Introduction to Jefinancial & My Portfolio 1/23/2021

Disclaimer: Post references personal opinion only and are not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

2020. What a wild year in our lifetime. I’m sure it was an unforgettable for everyone in all kinds of ways — Prayers to those whose lives were impacted by the pandemic in any kind. Retrospectively, there are many lessons to be learned from 2020 — both in public health (yes, masks did work for the societies who wore it) and in finance.


I started last year expecting steady economic growth and by mid-January I quickly realized something is terribly wrong. I was one of the few that were highly concerned about the new strain of coronavirus yet most around me did not seem to care at all. I quickly took action to hedge my portfolio- with $1 short in a retail stock with each $1 I have invested in the stock market. My entire portfolio was preserved through the flash crash in March and only went up from there once I recovered the positions. I ended the year with +66.69% in account value vs. S&P 500’s +16.26%. I wrote this not to brag about my performance but to emphasize the importance of managing risk rather than YOLO’ing into a one-hit wonder (till this day I still don’t own Tesla and kick myself everyday for it, but I can never own it going forward because I can never justify a purchase with any valuation metric in my valuation models).

去年剛開始的時候,我以為也是一個經濟穩定(緩緩)成長的一年。但差不多在一月中的時候我開始擔心了這個新的病毒的進展。讀了許多資訊以後,我快速的把每一塊錢投資股市的錢加上了一塊錢的做空零售股。在三月的大跌幅的時候我保住了我的投資,並在一整年下來得到了超出S&P 500指標差不多50%的投資報酬。我寫這個不是要吹噓說我多厲害,而是想要指出控制好風險的重要性。

If you know me personally, you know I always say ‘I don’t know’ to your question if I don’t have knowledge to speak intelligently to it. However, along with my rigorous studies in financial analysis & valuation and real-world practice in managing USC’s Student Investment Fund and working in investment banking as a Summer Associate, I’ve became a lot more confident in managing risks and striving for returns in a portfolio.


I have always been passionate in topics of education in finance, M&A, and investing and have actually volunteered in Queens, Harlem, and Bronx neighborhoods in New York City teaching over a hundred young adults about financial literacy. Just from observing what most people talk about finance and investing, I realized there are a lot to be taught to an everyday person about those topics. I then decided to start writing about these topics for anyone who might find it helpful.


I will first start posting a series about a portfolio closely mimicking to what I actually own in my personal portfolio. I imagine through reading my investing memo, one could possibly learn about what managing a personal portfolio (not just everyday speculating) might look like.

Depending on how the responses are from the readers, I might write about other things, but here we start!


Mixed bag of growth/value portfolio with focus on both the IT sector and value-driven multi-sector value dividend stocks. Intentionally avoiding ultra-high valuation positions

混合了目標高成長的科技股與不同產業的高性價比紅利股所設計的組合, 強烈避免過高估值的(科技)股票

Cash — 10%

Still cautious about economy and high valuations in 2021; bullets in case of correction

為2021資產高價位與經濟狀況保持小心, 如有跌市依情況進場

Alibaba — 15%

Sector: IT

Opportunity with recent pullback. LT growth in APAC still very solid

亞洲持續穩定成長的科技龍頭, 近期的跌幅產生了買機

AT&T — 15%

Sector: TMT

Strong operating cashflow despite bad investor sentiment; high dividend value play

營運現金流穩定, 投資者喪失信心的跌幅產生高紅利/性價比

Hubspot — 15%

Sector: IT

High-growth CRM SaaS product offering accelerated by pandemic; very high valuation

估值非常高的SaaS公司, 但在近一年因Covid影響而產生行銷/客戶管理系統成長商機

B&G Foods — 10%

Sector: Consumer Staples

Defensive position in consumer staples; high dividend value play

因餐飲業受持續影響而投罐頭食品的保守型股票, 高紅利/性價比

Pfizer — 10%

Sector: Healthcare

Exposure to healthcare with dividend value play

偏高紅利/性價比的大藥廠, 持續維持投資醫療產業

J.P. Morgan — 5%

Sector: Financials

Exposure to financials with dividend value play

偏高紅利/性價比的大銀行, 持續維持投資金融產業

Amazon — 5%

Sector: IT

Continued growth under pandemic environment; new markets (geographic & sectors)

持續進軍新地區與新市場, 在Covid更長影響的經濟體下持續成長

Google — 5%

Sector: IT

New & sustained future growth opportunities (auto, AI, data, YouTube)

持續現有與新科技德成長和新營利 (自駕車/AI/資訊/YouTube)

Facebook — 5%

Sector: IT

Strong market position to sustain future earnings growth. High risks on regulatory front

雖存有各地政府介入管制高風險, 但現估值仍有不錯的穩定成長獲利機會

Newmont — 5%

Sector: Industrials

Dividend gold mining co. hedging against extraordinary events related to rising gold $

為避免經濟動盪/未知通貨膨脹導致黃金等礦石增值的採礦開發商, 不錯紅利/性價比